Raising your new, furry bestfriend -right here in Central Illinois!

Rylee and Barley are expecting puppies the first part of October!  If you are interested in being on our list please contact me.  Or if you are on our list and I haven't contacted you please reach out to me.  We are beyond excited!



"Barley has been everything you could ask for in a companion and more!  Easily trained, wonderful with people of all ages and has a great personality!"
- Jason S.

"Obviously it's a tremendous benefit to get a puppy raised as a project by a family that understands what makes a dog enjoyable. But if you form an intelligent idea of what you want from a dog, the Greens learn their pups' personalities so well they can be especially helpful in making a good match."
- Bob L.

"Thanks for giving us such a great dog. She has truly become one of the family."
- Tom H.

"I have raised many puppies, to date, and I have to say that Maylee has been the easiest dog to potty-train, ever. I want to give thanks where they are due.... and it is evident that the Green's worked hard with these pups. I have never had a pup come to our family and not had to spend weeks/months with potty-training. Maylee was DAYS. I am not exaggerating! She only had a few accidents in the house, period! She is such a smart, loving dog. Thank you Green's for all of your hard work preparing her to join our family. My whole family thanks you!" 
- Sonja, Denny, Griffin and Alyssa H.

"Autumn turned one today! We wanted to send you a picture and tell you how much we love having Autumn. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have this pup!"
- Ashley and Bobby

"Lucy has been such a wonderful addition to our family!   Lucy is so gentle with our daughter and they play together constantly.  We really made a great choice in getting Lucy because she is so loving and cuddly."
- Jodi and Jim

"She loves water, loves to greet everybody...dogs, people, children.  She loves to play with other dogs.  She is a happy doggie, light of my life.  Thank you."
- Michelle

"She really doesn't shed, which is great. When we brush her there are some hairs in the comb, but that is it. Penny has turned out to be such a friendly dog who is great with everyone, people and other dogs alike! Thanks!"
- Wade

"We love Sophie and love recommending you and your family."
- Jenna