July 25, 2015

The puppies have arrived!  It's such a bittersweet arrival as this is Sydney's final litter and possibly our last litter ever.  I need to convince my husband to add to our family with another Golden Retriever!  Sydney and Barley are the proud parents of 5 beautiful little girls and 2 handsome little boys. I seriously have a hard time getting anything accomplished as I could watch them all day long. 
August 1, 2015

The pups are now one week old. It's hard to believe that let alone it's the first of August!!  They are getting quite plump, with only seven puppies they seem to be bigger at this age then with larger litters.  Less puppies to share the milk with.  Eyes will be opening shortly.  But even without their eyesight the sure can smell.  The minute Sydney walks in the whelping box, they are instantly awake and searching for dinner.
August 7, 2015

Hard to believe that two weeks ago these puppies were just entering the world and were tiny little things.  Now they are getting mobile and have there eyes opened and getting super big...maybe a bit chunky:)  We weighed them today and they were anywhere from 3.5# to 4.5#.  They seem larger than previous litters at this age, I wonder since there are fewer they have more milk to drink.  It's so fun to see them "walk".  They are a bit unsteady and kind of wobble their way but it sure is cute.  And little barks can be heard now.  It's so fun to hear them bark, especially when they are having puppy dreams.  They have their eyes open now.  That is alway a neat thing no matter how many times you witness it.  Just another amazing part of creation.  Having summer puppies is so much different.  At time they are all in what we call a puppy pile but mos to the time they are spread out with some of them using a litter mate for a pillow.  Enjoy the videos and the photos!  (You can tell that Emily had fun using some of her old hair bows)

August 15, 2015

The pups celebrated their three week birthday today with a short trip outside!  They weren't sure of the grass just yet.  But beginning next weekend when they start solids they will have lots of trip outside and they will grow to love it!  I can't believe how big they are.  Definitely very mobile and have learned how to bark.  They can smell Sydney before she climbs in the whelping box and then the barking begins.
August 25, 2015

The puppies are now over four weeks old!  They turned four weeks on Saturday the 22nd but we were moving our oldest to begin his second year at Iowa State (GO CYCLONES) and in the process I came down with the respiratory flu that had me on the couch for 3 solid days.  It's hard having 7 little puppies to take care of but what blessing it is that our kids haven't started school yet so they could help!  So thanks for being patient for your weekly update.  They have started to get their teeth which means it's time to each puppy food!  They are really enjoying there puppy food.  Once they start solids the real work begins as I don't like to clean up a poopy whelping box so this means lots of trips outside!  During the day I try to take them out about every one hour or so and then right before bed.  This is pretty exhausting but it gives them a start on crate training!  Most people have very few accidents with their new puppies.  The big day starts on Saturday when people get to choose their new family member.  Such an exciting day for all around!  Many of you I have only shared emails with but we can finally meet and introduce you to our dogs!  I still have one boy left if you know of anyone!

August 30, 2015

The pups celebrated their five week birthday day yesterday!  I can't believe they are five weeks old.  It seems like we were just wait for them to make there appearance into this world!  They now have a very sharp teeth (which means less milk from momma and more puppy food).  They are running all over the place and they are faster than you might think.  They love playing outside.  If I am outside they have free roam but if not we use a portable playpen to contain them.  They love finding sticks and leaves and we even put a box in the playpen and they are just like kids and boxes.  We buy them toys and they would rather play king of the mountain.  I was very happy this morning as I had a dry whelping box when I woke up!  This will start to be more common than not.  During the day I try to take them out every hour to potty.  Before long they get the idea it's better to go outside than in the whelping box.  And the weather has been perfect.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  Our school hasn't started so our daughter Emily has been having a blast with the camera!  Enjoy the pictures!!
September 5, 2015

Six weeks has passed since these little furballs entered this world.  They are each growing and developing such fun personalities.  I am so excited to seem them grow with their new families.  They will begin to leave this coming weekend:(  We do however have several staying a bit longer so that will be fun to keep a few a bit longer.  More time to love on them!  We have had some very hot weather compared to most of the summer.  We gotout the kiddie pool for them the other day.  Many of them loved it.  They would splash and lay in the water then get out an roll in the mulch.  They were plenty dirty but had loads of fun!  They are getting braver if we have them lose in the yard.  They love to attack our landscaping (fortunately hostas are very forgiving plants).  They have discovered where the chicken coop is and like to wander over and stare the hens down.  They are doing fantastic not going potty in the whelping box!  Yipee!  Got to love that.  And they also received their six week vaccinations!  They were all very brave puppies.