Rylee and Barley's Irish Doodle puppies arrived on July 6th.

It seems like the the 63 days went by in a blur.  We thought we were only having around 6 or 7 but ultrasounds aren't always accurate.  Rylee was pretty big but I had no clue she had 13 puppies in her tummy!  Wow, the first 8 came and then 9, 10, 11 and 12.  I couldn't believe when #13 arrived just about 6 hours after her first pup arrived.  When I look at the pile of puppies I have not idea how they fit.  But needless she say she did fantastic, she was as sweet as ever during labor.

The puppies are doing awesome.  They have grown so much in just the few days since birth.  Rylee very rarely leaves their side.  She is a devoted mom and knows when to flip over so each side gets nursed.  She is getting a lot of extra food with some special treats mixed in such as eggs, venison, chicken and rice.  She will be super spoiled when it's back to regular dog food! 

I hope you enjoy the photos! Find more photos on Instagram!

The puppies turned one week old on July 13.  Wow, they are growing leaps and bounds.  They are becoming more active and starting to crawl a bit even though their eyes are still closed.  This week their eyes should be opening which is always cool for them to be able to see us and their mama!  The love to sleep in a pile which I totally see where the term dog pile comes from.  We have one little guy that loves to climb up on Rylee.  Sometimes though he goes to far and falls over her.  They are so fun to watch. I never get tired of it. They are so sweet to hold after they have a full tummy.  Enjoy the photos!

The pups turned two weeks old on July 20.  As I write this tomorrow they will be 3 weeks old! I have had issues getting my photos to load on the website.  If you don't follow on Instagram check it out  greens.goldens       I upload photos all the time.  The pups just started to play at 2 weeks and eyes were wide open!  They are beginning to move more and more but still unsteady on their little cute paws.  Rylee feels pretty good about leaving them for longer periods of time.  You know there are still chipmunks, squirrels and birds for her to keep in line as well as thirteen puppies.  She is one busy mama!  I promise to try to get their 3 week photos up by Saturday morning!  Stayed tuned!

July 27, 2018

It's hard to believe that the pups entered the world 3 weeks ago.  They have grown so much.  During the past week we have seen their eyes wide open, ears develop and open up, much steadier walking and barking!  Oh and I can feel a few teeth trying to come through.  Life is going to get crazy around here.  Next week, about 3.5 weeks old they will start on super soft puppy food and venture outside to play.  I love hearing their little barks and watching them attempt to play with one another.  They often try to chew on each other.  Rylee is still being an every amazing mom.


August 6, 2018

It is hard to believe the pups turned 4 weeks old on Friday August 3!  It seems like we were all just impatiently awaiting the arrival of Rylee's puppies!  Of course Rylee was probably more ready for them then we were since she was carrying 13 puppies.  They are growing in leaps and bounds.  The began to eat solid food and love it!  I moisten it with water to keep it soft and easy to chew although they will need less water as they are growing some super sharp teeth.  Trying to work with them to tell them not to bite we it is playtime.  Rylee is still nursing but I think she is happy to have them requiring less milk.  They still sleep a lot.  They are wrestling and biting each other and finding sticks and leaves to carry.  They like being outside but not when it's super hot.  They were spoiled last week when we had a mild temperatures.  If you haven't found our Instagram page yet I upload lots of photos every on day so check out greens.goldens.