Hi, my name is Jennifer Green! I love raising dogs, chickens, cats, goats, ducks, and other animals that make their way to my family's farm! My husband Ted and I, along with our three children, have been raising Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles since 2000.

We have branched out and are excited to now be raising Irish Doodles! Our Irish Setter Rylee and Standard Poodle Barley have gentle temperaments and are great with children! We are thrilled to know their offspring will carry these same traits!

We are not a puppy farm, just a family that enjoys raising great dogs for other families.  It gives our kids an opportunity to take on responsibility while developing a love of animals and an appreciation of life.  Our pups are socialized from birth, or even earlier, if you count feeling them move in mama’s tummy!  Our family is involved in the complete process from breeding to whelping to crate training to placing them in forever homes!



Rylee is a purebred Irish Setter from Texas. Our family adopted Rylee in  January of 2017. She was born in November 2016. She weighs just over 50 lbs, and she is just barely small enough to snuggle on your lap! When we were in the process of searching for another breeding Golden Retriever my husband suggested an Irish Setter.  I jumped at the chance as my very first dog at age 7 was an Irish Setter named Jill. She loves being inside next to the fire on winter nights, and in the cool basement during hot summer days (although she is primarily an outside dog). She loves playing fetch, and is very good at finding her ball. Her name was inspired by "rye" to go along with "barley."   She has finally learned to leave my chickens alone when I let them out in the afternoon.  She is very birdy and is usually pointing or stalking something.  She loves to try to catch squirrels and birds.  Often she resorts to pointing butterflies and other bugs!


Barley is a Standard Poodle from Iowa who we adopted in January of 2012 (he was born in November of 2011). He is the calmest, sweetest dog. I have heard people describe Standard Poodles as velcro dogs... they love to stick right by your side! He has the most incredible disposition for an intact male.  He is super smart and can do some cool tricks - including jumping through a hoop!


Millie...sweet Miilie.  She was born in November of 2006. Millie lived abroad with our family when we moved to India for my husband's work in 2008.  Millie was unable to have puppies until Barley joined our family when she had one surprise litter of four puppies at age 6!  She was then retired.


Sydney was such a sweet loving dog and the mother to so many wonderful puppies. Sydney was born in April of 2009 and had several litters.  She was the best mom!  We had just retired Sydney from breeding and a few months later she was involved in a fatal accident.  Many tears were shed over her loss as she has the sweetest smile and just wanted to be petted.  She was incredible with her puppies and will forever be missed!