December 18, 2014

The pups arrived on December 14, 2014 beginning at 3:30am.  The last one arrived around 10:00am.  It was a long night for us.  Sydney did fantastic and is such a sweet dog even in labor!  She is an incredible mom with these little pups.  She has 5 girls and 5 boys.  Everyone looks great and will grow fast!  They should open their eyes in 10-14 days.


December 21, 2014

The pups celebrated their first week birthday!  Hard to believe that they just arrived one week ago.  They are growing and starting to make little tiny barks.  They still have not opened their eyes and their ears are still closed.  By the end of the week they should start to open their eyes.  Enjoy their one week photos!
December 28, 2014

Two weeks old already!  Boy have they grown.  They are getting so pudgy...mama has some good milk!  They also have their eyes open and are trying to walk around the whelping box.  Little barks still can be heard and boy are they noisy at meal time!  They nurse and sleep most of the time.  We love this age as they are huge snugglers.  It's a common thing for someone to have a pup on their lap while watching tv.  I actually cuddled one while putting a puzzle together...very therapeutic as this puzzle is tough!  We love watching them sleep they move their legs, pretend to suck and make little puppy sounds!  And of course when they yawn you have the sweet puppy breath! 

 January 4, 2015

So many changes are happening with the puppies as they turned 3 weeks old!  They are walking all over the place, starting to bark more and more and playing with one another.  Such a fun age to see them develop.  Sydney is now nursing them standing up, this is her way of making them grow stronger.  Soon they will start on solid foods, probably next weekend!  A few are starting to have their teeth come in.  We will start with softened food for quite awhile. 

 January 11, 2015

Hard to believe these little guys are 4 weeks old today!  My have they grown!  They are growing sharp little puppy teeth which means they are starting to eat solids and have some playtime outside.  Lets hope for warmer weather this week!  One good thing about the snow though is you can tell when they potty.  They have enjoyed their puppy food, I moisten it with warm water to make it easier for them to eat.  It won't be long though and those sharp teeth will not need it softened!  They are getting used to going outside snow and all.  But they are ready to come back to their warm whelping box after a few minutes outside.

January 18, 2015

Not sure where the past five weeks have went but the pups have certainly been busy growing.  I think this is about the funnest stage when we have puppies.  They are so playful, love to explore and are hilarious to watch them climb and jump.  Their teeth are like razors...ouch!  Due to the sharp teeth their puppy food intake has greatly increased because Sydney doesn't care to nurse for very long.  They are really loving going outside now.  They know when they are taken outside that means to go potty.  I am very busy shuttling puppies outside during the day and evening.  I try to take them outside every 1 to 1 1/2 hours to give them a head start on potty training.  I would much rather do this than have a mess in the whelping box.
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January 25, 2015

The puppies turned 6 weeks old today and are such fluffy little furballs.  They are doing great with going potty outside. I just started lifting them out the whelping box and they head to the outside door. With the yucky weather last week they went outside and pottied but due to all the mud they came in the garage for playtime and a  few of them learned to go out the doggie door.  While playing in the garage they manage to find lots of things to do:  pull of shoes of the shelf, get all the balls down, chew on the broom, bother Millie (our oldest golden who doesn't like puppies very well), chew on the 17 pound cat, etc).  It's quite comical!   Since it's no longer a mud pit outisde they go in their playpen or if I can be out with them they just wander and boy do they wander in every single direction!  They do come pretty well when I call though and are ready for nap time.  My days consist mostly of taking them outside:)  They seem to go outside about every 1 1/2 hours.  As soon as they go out they all potty right away.  Of course going number 2 takes some time, they have to find the perfect spot.  By the end of the week our puppies will be leaving our home and joining their new families.  I get asked often how I can do this.  Of course it is very sad to see them leave but when I know the families they are joining it makes it all the worth while. So many families stay in touch with me and that helps me see them grow up into big beautiful dogs and bring much joy to their new family.  And realistically taking care of ten puppies is a lot of work!