November 17

We have four more goldendoodles!  Millie and Barley are the proud parents of four beautiful puppies!  She had three boys and one girl.  We are still in shock over the arrival of these little miracles.  Millie just turned six last week and we have tried to breed her many times to a male golden retriever over the past years.  We had just decided that for some reason she was unable to have puppies.  We she came into heat in September I was telling a friend of mine that if Barley was able to breed her it would be a miracle and I looked out the window to see them mating.  I was amazed and overjoyed!  Millie was going to be a mama afterall!  We took her to the vets about a month later and had a sonogram done.  But no puppies were seen, so once again I just relinquished myself to the fact that she was just not made to have babies and was fine with that.  So life went on, Sydney's puppies left the house, the whelping box came down, the house was really quite and I had a lot of time on my hands!  On Monday Millie was panting but I figured she had just been chasing a squirrelThen Tuesday I noticed once again she was panting heavy and I just had a feeling something was going on.  I had her lay down and then discovered she had milk and her tummy was a bit lumpy.  I called the vet and we wondered if she was having a false pregancy.  She had put on a bit of weight but I figured it was the fact that she would eat the leftover puppy food.  I ran her up to the office to discover that indeed she was pregnant.  Later that night Millie had her miracle puppies.  They are just gorgeous.  One boy has Barley's "V" while the rest are just a beautiful shade of red like their mama!  She is very maternal and just seems to cherish this time with her puppies.

November 24
I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!  We hosted a large family gathering so please excuse me just posting their one week photos.  Although please watch the greensgoldens facebook page as I tend to post pictures there more frequently.  The pups are doing great, they are all plump puppies but then why wouldn't they since they never have to fight for a teat!  They still sleep tons and their eyes should be opening up anyday.  I think they are starting to squint just a bit.  They definately can move around pretty fast when it's dinner time.  Millie is being a great mom, she hardly ever leaves the whelping box!  She has waited 6 years for these babies and she is enjoying every second of it!

November 27

Happy two weeks old puppies!  My how time flies!  The pups now have their eyes open and can see us!  Yeah.  This is such a milestone for our family.  They are beginning to attempt at walking!  It is so cute to see them fast asleep and then Millie gets back the whelping box and boy do they wake up.  I was watching one today and he literally put his nose in the air and was sniffing, I am sure he was thinking FEEDING TIME!  I am actually going to attach a video of this.  Was pretty cute.  They still sleep most of the time.  Millie is leaving them for longer periods of time.  The are growing so quickly.  I will be interested to see what they weigh at their check up since they pretty much have on demand milk.

 December 4

Today the pups celebrated their three week birthday!  They are definately making lots of noise now.  They bark and growl at each other.  They now have baby teeth which means they will start puppy food soon.  They are a blast to watch them play.

December 11, 2012

The pups celebrated their four week birthday.  They are getting so big and starting to show their personalities.  The are becoming so much more playful now.  They love chewing on each other but are starting to find their toys and chew on those too.  My main problem is keeping their toys in their whelping box...the big dogs like to steal them from the pups!  They are adjusting to going outside and are using their fur coats to the fullest!   They are learning to go potty outside...this means we make lots of trips outside!  Enjoy the photos...there were a lot this week!  The video of Barley and his babies was taken last night...he is some daddy!
December 19, 2012

The pups celebrated their 5 week birthday yesterday!!  They also had a big milestone today...their first trip to the vets.  I must say they did great!  Everyone got their examination and they all our healthy little pups (well some are not so little.)  Their weights ranged from 7.7 lbs to a  whopping 10.1 lbs!  I think they are just chubby because they have had all the milk they want with out having to fight for it.  They love being outside and playing.  I am  hoping for snow as they will have a blast in it! Millie is definitely weaning them.  She has learned that she can go in the garage and stick her head out the doggie door!  She can keep a watchful eye on them without them trying to nurse.  

January 8, 2013

This posting is way overdue!  I can't believe I am just now posting their 6 weeks photos when they are now 8 weeks old.  It was a very hectic time to have puppies during the Christmas season!  Everyone is now in their new home and being loved by their new family.  I love hearing from each of you!  Hopefully everyone does well at their 8 week check up:)