November 8, 2013

Puppies arrived on November 4, 2013.  Mom and babies are doing fantastic!  Sydney and Barley are the proud parents of seven gorgeous little girls and 4 handsome little boys.  Sydney has proved once again to be a incredible mom.  Her labor lasted about 5 hours.  All the time she had Millie and Barley cheering her on during whelping.  Everyone has grown so much these last few days.  It amazes me every time we have a litter how good of a mom our dogs have been.  Sydney makes sure everyone has a full tummy.  Normally she will nurse 5 at time then once they fall asleep she moves over to the remaining six where she lays down for them to nurse on the other side for plenty of milk.  The first 4 days she barely left them other than for a potty break.  By the end of the first week she gets out and runs around the yard for a few minutes while everyone sleeps.  The minute they get back it's like a feeding frenzy...they can smell mama's milk and come out of a deep sleep very quickly!

The YouTube videos are from the first few days of their birth.  Enjoy hearing their tiny little sounds and watching their wagging little tails!

November 11, 2013

Our babies our now one week old.  It seems like I was just waiting for the day and hearing this question many many times, "Mom, when is Syd going to have her babies?".  And now we have pups that are so much bigger than last week!  They are moving a bit more, kind of crawling.  Eyes are still closed but within in the next week that will start to change.  Their ears will begin to open more as well.  It's incredible the way they are formed in the womb but yet continue to develop outside the womb.

November 18, 2013

The pups turned two weeks old!  My how they have changed these last two weeks!  They have doubled in size.  Their eyes have opened, the started to open them Friday evening and by Sunday most of them were wide eyed! I wonder what they must think when they first see their beautiful mommy!  Their ears have also folded down (they are born with them folded up and not completely developed~still closed).  No teeth they get all their food from mommy still.  It won't be long until they start on puppy food.  I just keep an eye on how they are growing, how Sydney is doing, are they getting teeth etc.)  But usually at 4 weeks or maybe a few days before they get their first tasts of puppy food.

November 25, 2013
Guess who just celebrated their three week birthday!  They have changed so much this last week.  They are playing, growling, barking and walking all over the place!  It seems once again they have almost doubled in size.  They are such a fun age right now.  We have a blast snuggling with them.  It's not an uncommon thing for someone to have a pup on their lap while watching TV.  Hard to believe in  little over three weeks they will be in their new homes.  Such a bittersweet moment for us.  Late this week they will have their first taste of puppy food!  Sydney is doing great to nurse them but she will be happy to see them eating puppy food especially since teeth will be coming in soon!
December 2, 2013
Four weeks have passed since these 11 little snuggle puppies entered the world.  I can't believe how quickly time has went.  They are super active now!  They had their first trip outside Friday and they were not sure about it.  The grass and cold temps seemed a lot stranger than their newspapers and heat lamp!  But gradually they are enjoying time outside and are running and playing.  They like to "attack" one another and pick up leaves.  They also have started eating moistened puppy food.  They seem to love it and Sydney is very happy as these cuties now have very sharp teeth!  She lets them know when they bite while nursing.  It's always amazing how teeth come in just when it's time for them to be weaned.  Since they are on solids my life is extremely busy with lots and lots of trip outside.  It's a lot of work but I would rather them potty and poop outside than inside!  It make is easier in one way for me and makes the puppies that much more trained for you!  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We had family in from out of town and they pups were much loved by the little ones in attendance!
December 9, 2013
Look what big puppies they are!  Five weeks old now with lots of energy, fast wagging tails, razor sharp teeth and fast little legs!  They are really gobbling up their puppy food.  Mama lets them have sips every now and then but very little. They love their water bowls and always manage to step a paw or two in in.  They aren't sure about the cold weather.  Some of them like and and some of them go potty and head to the door to come in.  They are so smart to know which door to head to.  They are very adventurous and love to explore our yard.  They still like to cuddle and snuggle but also love to tug and chew:)  Hard to believe they are leaving beginning late next week!
December 16, 2013

The past six weeks have flown by!  I can't believe how much fun the pups are these days.  They are so fun to watch and see them run, play, bark and tackle one another!  They love their solid puppy food.  It was so fun to take them in the snow this past weekend.  It was really deep for those little legs.  Getting their 6 week photo was a bit challenging...they move much too fast.  They will start to leave our home last this week.  It's always such a bittersweet experience.  I know that I am getting pretty exhausted carrying 11 little pups from 6-8lbs out at least every two hours. They love to explore and chew on lots of things.  They have managed going up steps.