September 17, 2012

Our first litter of Goldendoodles arrived today,  We are so excited to see Sydney and Barley's babies!  The delivery room was full, Millie and Barley overlooking the sides of the whelping box while the rest of us gazed in wonder again of this miracle of life!  Sydney delivered all eleven of her babies in about 5 hours.  She had 9 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys.  The girls definately out number the boys!  Puppies number 3 and number 6 to arrive were the boys.  We have a few lighter pups, a few darker pups and the rest are just in between.  Right now they look like golden retrievers, it will be interesting to see their coats grow in these next few months.  Enjoy these photos taken just soon after they arrived!

September 24, 2012

The pups are now a week old and they are really growing!  Sydney is doing a great job of keeping eleven bellies full.  She is such a great mom, she doesn't leave them very often.  This will change the older they get!  Right now all they do is sleep and eat.  They love snuggling close to each other and are often found in one big puppy pile.  Sometime they pups are laying across Sydney's paw, this reminds me of how when I would rock my kids to sleep they would often hold on to hand while falling asleep.  The next week will bring big changes!  They will be opening their eyes, generally this occurs between 10-14 days.  It is a big deal in our house when the pups can finally see their mama and the beautiful world we live in!  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

October 1

Today the pups are 2 weeks old and their eyes are open and they are trying to walk!  It is amazing at how they have grown.  They still eat and sleep a lot.  But they are beginning to play a bit with each other.  It is so fun to watch them try to walk.  The minute that Sydney gets in the whelping box it is like a feeding frenzy...everyone wakes up and are hungry.  We will start them on solids around 4 weeks of age.

October 6
The pups are really walking and playing now!  We often find them chewing on each other or licking each other.  They make little puppy growls and barks.  So precious! 
October 9
Well the pups are now three weeks old.  The changes in them from last week are amazing.  Their legs are quite strong and they can walk all over the place.  They are beginning to get their they will have their first puppy food this weekend!  They of course still love mama's milk!  I love seeing them all sound asleep after they have nursed, their tummies full and all is well in the world!  They are beginning to play with each other.  They seem to have a fondness of chewing on each others ears or mouths.  I am surprised they have yet to find their litter mates tails.  Just a bit over 3 weeks and they will be leaving our home and joining yours.  It truly is a bittersweet moment!  We grow attached to them but what a delight it is to stay in touch with families and see how our puppies makes families complete!  We do have a Greensgoldens facebook page for you to share photos, or if you just want to see what our last litter is up to stop by and take a look! 
October 16

The pups were four weeks old yesterday.  Sorry the photos are game, school chorus, no internet, etc are a few of the things that prevented me from getting these up!  They are gobbling up their puppy food and Sydney is quite happy, she is still nursing them but not nearly as much as she used to!  They are having fun chewing on toys.  They love playing tug of war with an old sock!  Kind of reminds me when we would give our kids a toy and they would play with the box rather than the toy!  They have loved being outside these past few days, we have had beautiful weather!  Enjoy the photos.  Their four week group shot wasn't the best.  Might try another one tomorrow:)  The pups now have their fabric collars on and will be ready to be chosen next week!  They can't wait to meet their new family!  We still have one girl looking for a home.  It's hard to believe that they will be leaving our home in a few weeks....

October 19

Enjoy watching puppy playtime!  They have so much fun with each other!  It is hard to believe in just a few weeks they will be with their new families...sniff, sniff.  Oh how we love our puppies!

 October 22

The pups are five weeks old and I must say behaved quite well for their photo!  I love after the photo having the puppies run all over the place. Some of them fall asleep while others explore our living room and find ways to get in trouble!  They are really enjoying being outside.  Barley (daddy) is loving them and plays so gently with them.  He lays down and the pups crawl all over him.  Sydney is weaning them, it is interesting to watch her tell the pups "no milk!".  In just about a week and a half pups will be begin to leave our home and join yours.  It is always a bittersweet moment.  We know that they are going to such loving homes and we love meeting and staying in touch with everyone!  You are always welcome to come and visit us!

October 30
Happy six week birthday puppies!
They have grown so  in these past six weeks.  I look back at the photos when they pretty much slept all the time!  Now they are definitely active puppies who love to run and play.  Everyone did great for their well puppy check.  The pups also did great for their 6 week tears were shed!  We have had great success with being accident free in our whelping box.  As soon as I take them outside or let them out of their playpen outside they all take care of business...mostly.  I always have someone who is bugging someone who is trying to go potty.  Today someone was trying to go #2 while his litter mate was pulling on his tail.  It was quite comical.  They really  have fun playing, tug-o-war is a favorite that can often involve 5 puppies at a time.

November 16
Here are some photos that I had taken right before the pups left.  Somehow I the red colored girl got missed in getting her photo taken!  So I had to find another one.  I would love to see some current photos of your puppies!  Feel free to post as many as you want our our greensgoldens Facebook page!  I love hearing from you. Enjoy these last photos of your precious puppies!